The ALAEA Federal Executive carried the following motion today –




Moved that:


The Federal Executive notes with sadness the onset of a life-threatening illness to past President Paul Cousins. The ALAEA shall offer the Cousins family the assistance of ALAEA staff and/or Officials in the management of his affairs both during and post illness.


Moved: Purvinas                                                                 Seconded: Locke

Paul who is only 50, has been ill for nearly 6 months but only recently had confirmed that a stage 4 cancer had spread to other areas. Paul was ALAEA President from 2006-2017 and now faces his biggest challenge.  He has been in and out of hospital over an extended period and is best contacted via text message for those seeking to send him a positive message.


During a tough period, such as this, our Association offers his family, and other members facing the same circumstances, assistance to manage affairs that may be difficult to deal with whilst concentrating on medical treatment. This includes the management of sick and other leave entitlements from employers plus access to insurance and other financial matters related to Super funds. 


Last weekend we received sad news when a member moved up into the big hangar after a massive heart attack. Members should be aware than any financial member who does meet these circumstances is entitled to a $5000 payment from the ALAEA to the family.  An entitlement we are all praying will not be required by the family of our former longtime President.


Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary

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