To All Union Members employed in the Qantas Tech Salaried Enterprise Agreement,


On Monday the 18th of March, representatives from the ALAEA, AMWU, ASU and AWU met again with representatives of Qantas to progress the Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiations for EA11. This is the 5th meeting to be held since negotiations commenced in August 2018.


The company set the agenda for the meeting and tabled their log of claims as the first item. Their first claim relates to the management of Time in Lieu (TIL) and the period allowed before it can be paid out if unused. Their second claim relates to duty travel and the use of actuals over allowances. These items were discussed and shall be progressed at future meetings.


Updates were provided from several of the working groups that have been set up to address areas of concern raised by the membership. These items are specific to certain work groups and require specialist input to understand the issues and provide recommendations back to the negotiation table. These groups are specifically dealing with the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) structure, Fleet Engineering allowances and Aviation Safety Training roles and structure. These working groups are progressing with an expected recommendation from each to be provided at the next meeting.


At this stage the negotiation team has been focussing on understanding the issues raised by members and the company in order to move into the detailed negotiations on the recommendations. We shall be providing further updates as more relevant information becomes available.


In support of these negotiations we request that any member who is currently paid above level 6D of the agreement to advise their local representative whether any of their payments are being capped at 6D or paid at your current level. Furthermore, if your current position description is not listed in the Hay Benchmark Book, please again advise your local representative so this can be addressed.


If you have any additional concerns or issues to be raised during this negotiation, that weren’t covered in the ALAEA survey monkey, please contact your local union representative and include any relevant information to support our tabling of the matter. Remember, be specific and provide examples wherever possible.


The next meeting has been scheduled for the 8th of April.




Chris Donovan


Mal Tulloch


Anne Donnellan


Simon Locke


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