Dear Members,


Given the impact that COVID-19 has had on the aviation industry the ALAEA is aware that numerous members have recently been made redundant or are facing potential redundancy.


If you are member who has recently been made redundant, or could be facing redundancy, the ALAEA strongly recommends that you should have a hearing test prior to commencing any new employment to see if permanent hearing loss has occurred as a result of your previous employment.


Permanent hearing loss is compensable under all State and Territory workers compensation laws, however, the process of making a future claim can become very problematic once a member has commenced new employment. In some States, once you have commenced new employment, the new employer might become the last noisy employer and be responsible for the total claim (even though the exposure was to louder noise and for longer periods in the prior employment).  In some other States, a problem may arise because the insurance companies of the former employer and any new employer will argue over the apportionment of the % of any compensable hearing loss. In other words, it is always very difficult to work out when the loss occurred if there are no records of a hearing test.


Having a hearing test will provide you with a record in time and therefore it should prevent any legal issues arising if a member does wish to make a future claim for permanent hearing loss.


If any member does wish to have a hearing test can you please contact the ALAEA so that a referral can be made on your behalf to Turner Freeman Lawyers, the ALAEA’s workers compensation solicitors. Turner Freeman will then organise an appointment for a FREE hearing test and advise if any compensable loss has resulted.




Sean Morgan


|Legal Officer | Australian Licenced Aircraft Engineers’ Association


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