After publishing our post about the new AC 66-08 Part 66 aircraft engineer licences we received a couple of questions in relation to the privileges of Category A and Category B1 LAMEs with respect to Avionic System maintenance.
Specifically, we were asked if a 737 Land Verify Test met the criteria of a check that can be carried out by a Category A or Category B1. The short answer is No.

The question turned out to be more complex than simply looking at the number of steps in the Test and counting to 10. As this test had been included in the operator’s Weekly Check for the aircraft it appeared it could fall under the privileges of both Category A and Category B1 despite the complexity levels of the test.
We contacted CASA and were advised (in short) that regardless of whether the test had been included in a Weekly Check the privileges of the licences with respect to the simple test limitations in Avionic systems still apply.

The AC 66-08 Appendix A part 2 provides additional guidance for avionic system maintenance.

If you have any further questions in relation to licence coverage feel free to email them in to

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Steve Re