Hi all,

Hope you are all keeping safe with our workplaces changing by the hour. Goalposts seem to be constantly shifting and in many cases a question asked today will be inconsequential within 24 hours. For example, members are asking who will be selected to stay at a workplace if 50% of the staff are retained, only to find out the next day that the airline is shutting up shop with everyone stood down.

One thing that does seem to be fixed for now is recent announcements by the Government about social security payments. Legislation was passed last night. A summary can be found on the attached ACTU fact sheets. It may help when considering when and what types of leave to apply for. At this stage we are likely to do another facebook live session tomorrow.

Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary


CV03 ACTU Fact Sheet – JobSeeker payments and Coronovirus supplements 200324

CV02 Superannuation – 2.1 Temporary Early Access to Superannuation 200324

CVO1 Workplace Rights – 1.2 Workplace FAQ’s