Proxys & Representation at the Upcoming 2nd Creditors Meeting  


As a union member, your union along with all other members of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) have made an application to the Federal Court of Australia with the support of Virgin Administrators and the management team to make sure all of our members will be represented at the important upcoming 2nd Creditor’s meeting. Making this application means that as union members you will not have to nominate a proxy or attend this meeting to be represented. 


It will mean your union will automatically represent you.   


Union members who choose to attend to meeting or nominate a proxy will still be able to do so.


Each plaintiff take all reasonable steps to cause notice of these orders to be given, within two (2) business days of the making of these orders, to its members who are employees of any of the Virgin Companies, in the following manner:


    1. where the plaintiff has an email address for a member, by notifying such member, via email, of the making of the orders and providing a link to a website where the member may download the orders and the originating process;

    2. where the plaintiff does not have an email address for a member but does a postal address for that member (or has received notification of non-delivery of an email sent in accordance with paragraph 4(a) above), by notifying each such member, via post, of the making of the orders and the website link where the member may download the orders and the originating process; and

    3. by placing scanned, sealed copies of the originating process and the orders on the website maintained by the plaintiff.


Download the Court Order here