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We’ve been asked by the ACTU to get members to complete a survey about your working conditions etc.  In doing so they suggest we send out a stock standard (and quite uninteresting) message which I have included below.  I’d rather explain it in real terms though as the piece of work is important to us all.


The Fair Work Act is not fair.  There are 10,000 or so unfair dismissal applications each year and of them, 12 applicants may get their jobs back.  If your company underpays you $50, it will cost at least $10,000 in court to get that $50 back.  Some companies even take industrial action against themselves (like grounding their own airline) and complain to the government that the action is causing them hardship in order to stop workers supporting legitimate claims they are negotiating.


The ALAEA are loaning our inhouse Lawyer Lincoln Amos to the ACTU 3 days a week to write a complete new workplace law Act in anticipation of this anti-worker government being replaced at the next election.  We need members to participate in the survey to build a case so that Labor can fix the broken system.  Link is at bottom of email.  Should only take 5 minutes.



Steve Purvinas




The rules that once made Australian workplaces fair are broken. With inequality at 70 year highs, wage growth the lowest on record and 40% of people now in insecure work, our union, together with the ACTU and all other unions have launched a campaign to change the rules for working people.


This month we take a big move forward in this campaign by asking you and all members to complete a 5 minute survey about what’s happening to working people and what we need to do about it. You can also forward this survey to people you know who are not yet members, so they can join their union so we can build a strong movement for change.


This survey will allow you to tell us about your priorities and it will give you a voice as we work to swing the pendulum back towards working people.


To have your say complete the survey using this link.


ALAEA Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XCBGR7Y


No answers to the survey that would identify you will be used or shared.


The survey is open now and will close on 1 December 2017.

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