Cobham Line Maintenance Redundancy update – Clarification

In relation to the update on the line maintenance situation which was sent out this morning I received some further contact from Peter Brown today and it appears there has been some miscommunication in relation to the situation in Hobart. I am told it is not the case that there are still ongoing negotiations in relation to Hobart and so the stated position that Cobham will cease in Hobart from January 2017 remains the case.


Thank you to all members who voted in the ALAEA’s recent survey to gauge the view of members in response to Bristow seeking cost reductions including possible cuts to salary rates and conditions enshrined in the current Bristow Engineers Agreement.

Bristow Update

There has been further consultation with Bristow senior management over the last week. An initial teleconference meeting occurred on 26 July when the Company informed the two unions and the EC reps that the Company was facing an increasingly difficult financial situation and would need to further reduce the number of engineers with a reduction of up to 10 positions likely over the next few weeks.